Adrian Noad
I joined the Trustees in 96 and became Chairman in 2003. As Chairman I has overseen many improvements to TDCA facilities including extensions to the nursery, addition of new store rooms, the addition of a community cinema and the construction of The Point youth Centre.
Mandy Atkinson
I joined TDCA as the Association Manager in 2008. I have enjoyed the challenge of running the centre and now the youth building. Meeting our charitable objectives keeps us all on our toes!
Larry Pegg - Caretaker/Volunteer
Viv McCarthy-Volunteer
Anthony Flahive
As a trustee and treasurer I am proud and privileged to be associated with this Association and have the opportunity to directly help influence and actively support its current management and future development.
Mandy Haines
I have been volunteering at the centre for over 10 years  I enjoy making a difference and enhance people’s lives.
Nigel Quelch - Trustee
Rosey Bond -Trustee
Nicki Barry
I have been secretary to Tadley & District Community Association since July 2002 and have this year started as a volunteer in the office, one evening a week. During my time here I have seen the Centre grow into a really vibrant focal point for our community,
Chris Reeder
I have been a Trustee for the Community Association for a good few years now. When I’m not at work, I spend some of my time administering a local church, which is a major contributing factor to me being a Trustee
Des McCarthy - Volunteer
Jo Page - Volunteer
Cllr Marilyn Tucker
John Camille
PT Youth Worker
Most of the young people know me as rag ‘n’ bone man because of my stunning good looks and amazing beard. I am usually at The Point from Monday to Wednesday. I am a hard-core Tottenham Hotspurs fan. I am into most sports especially football and rugby. 
Val Ingle - Volunteer
Ronnie Madden - Volunteer