The proposed new draft constitution for Tadley & District Community Association  . In summary, the Management Committee are wishing to change our current status, of that of an unincorporated association managed by trustees. In addition we are also required to make the appointment of Holding Trustees to allow us hold leases on our buildings and land.

The proposal is to change to an Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) which will allow TDCA as an entity to hold leases in its own right and will negate the need to find individuals that would be willing to take on the role of the Holding Trustees. It will also provide limited liability for the members and those on the management committee, which hopefully would also remove any barriers to those wishing to serve as an officer of the association, if they had concerns about the liabilities and responsibilities if being appointed as a Trustee under our current legal framework.

Going forward, the CIO framework is beginning to be a favoured option of funding enablers. Therefore to ensure TDCA remains eligible for as many grant opportunities as possible it’s important to ensure our legal status reflects current times.

The constitution is a draft and members are being invited to comment on the proposed changes. We’d like to hear back from you by the 28th February 2021 and would welcome your views - both negative and positive!

The Trustees meet again on the 29th March 2021 and will be looking to have absorbed your comments by then into a final document that they can adopt and present to members for final ratification. At the moment we have yet to determine how that may be done. Our hope is that with the vaccine rollout taking place it may be possible to gather in person and hold our AGM this summer. If restrictions are not lifted then it may be done by a postal ballot. We’ll advise of the process in due course, however our emphasis for the time being is to consult with you our members so that we may set this process in motion.

We look forward to hearing from you.